The project aims at 3D digitising heritage items from the Orăştie Mountains Dacian fortresses area which are present on the UNESCO monument list. Due to the scale of the digitising activity proposed by the project (over 500 objects), this can be seen as an absolute first, as it would warp Romania straight amongst the EU’s top five contributors in the 3D object category.

The project proposes for the first time an incursion into the Dacian everyday life as it emerges from the archaeological findings documented in almost 100 years of systematic research of the Orăştie Mountains sites. Advertising such aspects as well as facilitating the general public’s access to heritage will have the following effects: an increase in public awareness and accountability of those visiting the monuments (which are largely left unattended), the stimulation of civic awareness towards their protection, the encouraging of local authorities to attract investments aimed at building the infrastructure needed in modern tourism, the start of fund raising activities for monument conservation, the inclusion of artefacts relevant for ancient everyday life in a 3D format into the educational process of present and future generations

Project title : When ancient everyday life becomes UNESCO heritage. The scanning, digital restoration and contextualization of Dacian artefacts from Orăştie Mountains.

Contract PA-16/RO 12-LP10. Project financed through Financial Mechanism SEE 2009-2014 project line: PA16/RO12 The Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage.

Project objectives

  • The digitisation of 500 artefacts representative for the Dacian heritage in order to promote them on an international level
  • The conversion of 3D digitised models to a format compatible with the European platform
  • The systematisation of historical and archaeological information for the digitised artefacts in order to create the metadata set necessary to the implementation - Europeana Data Model (EDM)
  • The creation of a scanned artefact database matching the European Platform
  • The creation of a 3D virtual online museum dedicated to the Oră?tie Mountains Dacian civilisation
  • The digital reconstruction of Dacian monuments and artefacts from Oră?tie Mountains
  • The establishment of two multimedia exhibition spaces capable of hosting mixed real/virtual exhibitions
  • The issuing of a catalogue containing the cultural projects developed within the frames of the project
  • The creation of virtual and augmented reality applications to be used in the newly established exhibition spaces on partner locations
  • The project’s website and its hosting
  • The development of new digitising capacities